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HOBart 2008

Water is life, water is alive, water is vitality

Water is life, water is alive, water is vitality – and man ought to handle it with respect.

We our proud of our achievements and do not want to live without the comforts of the modern world. It is therefore encouraging that there are now initiatives that also consider sustainability and ecology. We have come to realise that we cannot go on as we did in the past! Water is an indispensable part and source of our lives that we must learn to see and handle in new ways.

As an artist I could not be happier to see that a company like HOBART is now going in this direction and looking at the future with this in mind. Using this approach, new technologies will blossom and machines will be developed that no longer waste vital resources.

I want to say thank you to HOBART for their inventions and for their vision of "Washing without water".

Petra Heisler

Petra Heisler was born in 1967 and has been devoted to art since she was a child. Her studies at a school of graphic design near Freiburg (Germany) helped her on her way towards achieving her dream job as a graphic designer and illustrator. After working for several years in agencies, she became a freelance designer in 1999 and has worked for numerous publishers, advertising agencies, public institutions and customers from all over the world.

Petra Heisler's greatest passion is illustration. Her favourite tools are crayons, chalks and water colours. What strikes the eye in her work is the friendly charm of her illustrations, her dynamic style and use of bold colours.

You may have seen her artwork in numerous magazines, published by a great number of publishers (e.g. Burda, Beltz, Klambt, Bewusster Leben, Lavori Verlag etc.).

Petra Heisler lives and works in Freiburg (Germany).