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Underground cocktail culture

The Bar "Stadtmauer" serves unusual drinks and uses the PREMAX GP to wash their glasses

Four meters below ground you can find the latest hot spot in Offenburg's nightlife: the Stadtmauer bar and event location. Before the bar was able to welcome guests within its historic walls for the first time in autumn 2021, owner Kosta Tsatalbassidis had to make several attempts, because the corona crisis set the entrepreneur back a few times.

But now everything is running smoothly and Offenburg’s hotspot is very popular. Clean glasses are important in every bar. The Stadtmauer team is extremely satisfied with its undercounter dishwasher, a PREMAX GP with the integrated TOP-DRY technology. "The glasses come out of the machine clean and streak-free, you can use them directly - without polishing. Even our drinking straws made of glass do not only come clean out of the machine, but also dry,” says bar manager Alex Sälinger. Another plus: it is easy to use for every employee.

When it came to warewashing technology, Tsatalbassidis chose HOBART because the top quality convinced him. In addition, his bar manager Alex Sälinger was familiar with the brand and also convinced of the technology. "HOBART has an intelligent and very fast cleaning system that makes the glasses 100 percent clean. It couldn't be more hygienic," he explains.