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Precise, uniform, reliable

Pan, kettle & fryer in one - The Precipan is a practical multifunctional braising pan that eliminates the need for a lot of kitchen equipment and significantly reduces the workload of your staff.

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stands for precision

You always get consistently perfect cooking results. This is what makes cooking fun!

Reliable helper
While using the Precipan, you and your kitchen staff become more productive and quicker than ever when preparing food.

One for everything
The Precipan offers the following functions in only one device: cooking, roasting, frying, braising, blanching, poaching, sous vide, pressure cooking and steaming.

Product overview


3 modes of operation in one:
modular and efficient

Perfect roasting flavours are easy to achieve! The Precipan delivers a peak performance when searing. Large quantities of meat or vegetables can be seared in two or three cooking zones on the 15 mm thick and up to 250 °C hot pan base and kept warm in an energy-saving way. Even puddings and sauces can be cooked effortlessly, without sticking to the pan.

Every type of pasta turns out perfectly! 100 litres of water are brought to a boil in only 24 minutes. With the help of the optional automatic basket lifting and lowering system, every kind of pasta turns "al dente" effortlessly. The pressure cooking function that is available as an option can additionally increase the efficiency in your kitchen!

Nothing sticks here! The optional automatic basket lifting and lowering system can ensure an accurate cook time to the second for fried products. The baskets are lowered and lifted automatically into and out of the cooking pan. The frying oil is safely drained at the touch of a button or by the tilt function.

High performance pan base

Performance meets precision

The secret of the Precipan is its particularly thick high performance pan base, which reacts very quickly.

You can work in the different cooking zones to the exact degree. Where necessary, you can use full power or use only enough to keep food warm. You have full flexibility and get perfect results effortlessly!

Its robust design and sophisticated technology ensure extremely fast heating and very even heat distribution in the Precipan.

Pressure cooking function

When you have to work fast

Up to 25 % faster: With the optional pressure cooking function, you enter a new world of efficiency and quality. The pressure and the temperature of 103 °C reduce cooking times compared to conventional cooking methods. The taste of your food and the preservation of colour, vitamins and nutrients become even more intense under pressure.

Your benefits

  • Fully automatic pressure build-up and release
  • Simple and safe application
  • Intense taste of the food
  • Maximum preservation of colour, vitamins and nutrients
HOBART Precipan
The models - We help you with your decision

Ergonomical cooking

The design of the Precipan ensures particularly ergonomic loading and unloading of the unit. The electric tilt function moves the kettle to a full 90 degrees, making it easier to pour liquid food and clean the pan base. The lid can be easily opened or closed by hand - there is no need for tedious waiting as with electric systems.

Automatic basket lifting and lowering system
The optional automatic basket lift for cooking and deep-frying baskets ensures that the cooking time of all products is accurate to the second. As soon as it's ready, the food is automatically lifted out of the water or oil and can be safely removed.


Intuitive control

The operating display (FastPad2) ensures particularly easy handling of the Precipan, with which even untrained kitchen staff can easily cope. The display and control wheel are lowered and thus protected from shocks. Another advantage: the control panel is identical in construction to that of the HOBART COMBI-plus convection steamer.

Your benefits

  • Colour display with image control and control wheel
  • Intuitive, easy-to-understand operating concept
  • 3 operating modes: manual, auto, service
  • Fast temperature change (in zones)
  • Cooking process starts in only 3 seconds
  • Extensive recipe database and easy change of programmes
  • Front access: technicians have easy access for servicing the unit. There's no need to move it
  • Robust display protection
More information
Detailed information about the HOBART Precipan can be found in our product brochure.
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