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Semi-automatic wash systems

Top efficiency and perfect organisation

The degree of automation of the processes in a scullery depends not only on type and volume of the wash ware. Automation always increases economy and relieves the personnel.

Semi-automatic wash systems consist of two flight-type dishwashers. They are characterized by the automatic mechanical handling of trays and cutlery in one machine, whilst at the same time all other wash ware is treated in a separate machine. A PROFI FTNi or PREMAX FTPi flight-type dishwasher is the core of the classical semi-automatic washing organisation.

At the dirty side, the dishwashing staff manually removes the crockery and sorts it into the flight-type dishwasher. The conveyor system carries the trays further on. They are indexed automatically into the downstream tray and cutlery washer. A cutlery lifting magnet automatically feeds the cutlery via a chute to the the cutlery track of the tray and cutlery washer.

At the clean side, the trays are automatically transferred to a tray stacking carriage. The cutlery drops via a chute into a cutlery-catching basket underneath.



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