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Reliability is the key to a carefree working day. That is our claim. That's why HOBART care dishwashers only incorporate professional technologies that are fully developed and reliably withstand the highest loads. For example, our high-performance heating elements and pumps, which pass their endurance test in the hotel and catering industry every day.
We do not talk much about quality made in Germany. HOBART produces them.

Let the following quality features convince you:

Self-cleaning wash system
The combined wash and rinse system features innovative self-cleaning of the wash arms with every cycle. This saves time and ensures a perfect cleaning result

CLIP-IN wash and rinse system
easy removal without any tools

Wide angle nozzles
The wide angle nozzles distribute the water optimally and increase the contact time of the water on the wash ware.

Feel the quality
Smooth surfaces, no sharp edges. Shock-absorbing door with closing mechanism.

TOP-DRY drying
The innovative drying process ensures a perfect drying result. Subsequent drying and polishing is not necessary.


Order number Description

Including rack set (wire rack for plates, wire rack for cups, rack carrier, 2 x cutlery box) and steam side protection panels

  • Speed: 95% FASTER than a household dishwasher. While a household dishwasher takes 60 minutes to wash, a care dishwasher is ready in 3 minutes.
  • Protects wooden kitchens: The care line was developed especially for installation in wooden kitchens. Our VAPOSTOP technology prevents the escape of steam and protects your wooden furniture from moisture.
  • Operating costs: By using the most modern filter systems from professional catering, the care saves water, heating energy and cleaning agents. You save more than 70 % of your operating costs.
  • Capacity: DOUBLE as many baskets as your previous dishwasher: The combination of powerful heating elements and wash pumps, which are only found in professional catering, enables the care to wash more than 80 baskets a day.
  • Safe dosage: You decide which chemistry is best for you. Whether as a tab or as a liquid detergent in an integrated chemical tank. The 1 litre bottle makes refilling convenient.
  • Maximum hygiene: High temperatures and hot steam ensure perfect hygiene and a very high degree of disinfection (A0 value of 60 acc. EN ISO 15883) in the care dishwasher.
  • SmartConnect app: the new SmartConnect app provides you with a comprehensive overview of the status of your dishwasher free of charge for 5 years.




Technical data

Dimensions (height/width/depth) 825 / 600 / 603 mm
Rack capacity 40 racks/h
Cycle times** 3 / 12 / 14*/ 15
Water consumption in l per cycle 3.5 / 6.0 / 6.0*/ 9.5
Softener integrated, to max. 30°dH
Wash pump 0.5 kW (350 l / min)
Tank heating 1.7 kW
Booster loading - Standard 400 V: 6.1 kW
Booster loading - Alternative 230 V: 2.0 kW
Total loading - Standard 400 V: 6.7 kW | 3 x 16 A
Total loading - Alternative 230 V: 3.3 kW | 16 A
Tank capacity 10.6 l
Power supply 400 / 50 / 3N (230 / 50 / 1)
Rack size 500 x 500 mm
Loading height 425 mm
Weight (gross / net) 70/60 kg
Noise level 60 dB (A)
MAX. PLATE DIAMETER with double rack system 270 mm

* Thermal disinfection programme.
** The machine is equipped with an automatic cycle-time control which ensures hygienic rinse temperatures even on a cold-water supply or with reduced heating performance.



Order number Description

Low level chemical sensing lance set 340 mm for external containers (10 litres)



Retrofit kit for integrated chemical containers


12-kg-Kanister (Mindestbestellmenge 4 Kanister)


Universal rinse aid:
High-concentration formulation for all wash ware, neutral, fast drying, outstanding drip-off properties
10 litre


Steam side protection panels


Hygiene tablets for the hygiene cycle, 12 boxes à 15 tabs



Please visit our HOBART US website for further equipment


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