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Best wash results

Our pledge to you  ̶ a consistently perfect wash result: and we keep our promises. This is why we have developed different features to meet all of your requirements. Whether it is dried food residue, stubborn dirt deposits, water stains or poor drying results:

We offer you the perfect solution for any requirement!

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HOT-TEMP washing

Improves the effect of chemicals 

Did you know that the water temperature has the biggest influence on the wash result?

Compared to conventional dishwashing systems, the HOT-TEMP washing cleans the wash ware at approx. 67 °C – instead of 60 °C. This leads to a significant increase in the efficiency of the chemicals and the wash ware gets clean faster.

BY THE WAY: HOT-TEMP washing increases the capacity of the machine by up to 40 %. In turn, this means the machine also takes up less space.

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CONTACT-PLUS wash system

Innovative wash arms allow the wash water to come into prolonged contact with the wash ware and provide for an improved wash result:

During the washing operation, an even distribution of the wash water is essential to achieve a perfect cleaning result. For the wash jets to be most effective, they were given a special shape by HOBART so that compared to conventional systems, they cover a larger area in a more accurate manner.

YOUR BENEFIT: The even and compact distribution of the wash water on the wash ware provides for a significantly improved wash result.


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DIRECT conveyor belt

Avoids unsprayed areas

A perfectly hygienic wash result takes top priority when washing dishes, glasses or cutlery - the position of the wash ware in the machine is one of the key factors in this regard.

Due to its special design, the DIRECT conveyor belt ensures that the wash water is brought into optimum contact with the wash ware. 

BECAUSE: A tray on a conventional conveyor belt can shield a following plate so much that the latter is not sprayed with an adequate amount of detergent solution.

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PERMANENT-CLEAN automatic soil removal

Prevents soil from spreading in the machine

In the daily rush it can hardly be avoided that food scraps get into the pre-wash zone of the dishwashing system. This may heavily contaminate the wash water so that the water has to be changed several times.

WE HAVE THE SOLUTION: The PERMANENT-CLEAN automatic soil removal will prevent this from happening by pumping coarse soil from the pre-wash zone into a strainer drawer by means of a sophisticated filter system. Food residues can then be conveniently removed from the drawer at the end of the dishwashing shift. This not only reduces the consumption of water, power and chemicals, but also keeps operating costs low. In addition, this protects your dishwashing system and is gentle on the environment.

Your benefits at a glance

A long day of dishwashing without changing the water, but instead with a hygienically pure wash result - even in the presence of extreme soiling.

  • A clean pre-wash result is guaranteed at all times.
  • A consistently high wash water quality is maintained.
  • Wash tanks need to be emptied and filled with fresh water less often.
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RO-L reverse osmosis system

Eliminates water stains before they arise

Unsightly stains on glasses, plates or knife blades? Minerals in water often leave visible residues when dishes are dried, thus creating an unattractive impression.

No more tedious polishing

Reliable, spotless and hygienic: Continuous treatment with state-of-the-art membrane and filter technology ensures fully demineralised water - for a consistently hygienic and sparkling rinse result. Hygienic risks as a result of manual polishing are already prevented in advance.

BY THE WAY: The RO-L reverse osmosis system can be comfortably set up in a separate casing next to the dish washer. If a small footprint is of importance, it can also be integrated in the dishwasher.

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Minimises the detergent concentration

The three-stage TRI-RINSE system consists of the pre-rinse nozzle, the pumped rinse, and the fresh water final rinse.

The new pre-rinse nozzle is located upstream of the pumped rinse and rinses off the wash water from the wash ware. The wash water is returned to the wash tank by deflector plates. This reduces the detergent concentration in the subsequent pumped rinse to a minimum.

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