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High level of economic efficiency - Warewash systems

Do you want to reduce water, energy and cleaning agent costs? Our innovative machines offer you lots of ways to save money, combining a high level of economic efficiency with top quality. Compared to traditional machines, our dishwasher solutions provide a wide variety of technical innovations enhancing your warewash system's performance and efficiency, thus allowing you to reduce operating costs significantly.

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Efficiency concept

clever technology paired with efficient use

Saving on operating costs made easy: The innovative efficiency concept lowers your costs, avoids energy losses and reduces the exhaust air volume. Eliminates the need for direct connection to an on-site exhaust hood.


A good cleaning result depends on many parameters. The innovative cleaning management optimally combines mechanics, circulation output, water distribution, chemical agents, time, and contact area. As a result, this innovative cleaning management achieves best results and at the same time provides for

  • additional energy savings,
  • reduced connected loads
  • reduced heat losses.
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Exhaust air management

As the new cleaning management reduces water circulation, this has an immediate effect on the formation of waste steam.

BECAUSE: Less waste steam means less exhaust air. The reduced exhaust air volume eliminates the need for direct connection to an on-site ventilation system.

Drying management

The drying zone has been optimised for direct guidance of the air flows and a more efficient use of energy. As a result, the drying air is not indiscriminately blown out, but is systematically used where it is needed.

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Top efficiency and perfect organisation

Attractive on the outside and efficient on the inside:

Flight-type dishwashers are intended for fast cleaning of large quantities of wash ware items. For these dishwashers, it is particularly important that the two factors, footprint and efficiency are well balanced. HOBART has a solution for this challenge that also meets all the specific requirements made in flight-type dishwashers in everyday practical use: the unique, innovative twinLINE. 


The twinLINE dishwashing organising system, (patented), makes it possible to wash trays on a separate conveyor while the other items are being washed in the machine. The additional feature does not increase the footprint of the machine. This innovative solution makes dishwashing faster while significantly increasing the machine capacity. For ease and comfort of operation, the trays are automatically stacked at the exit section of the machine.


  • Up to 30 % time saved in the organisation process.
  • Can be used in both product lines for maximum flexibility.
  • Capacity increase thanks to innovative processing of wash ware.
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50PERCENT fresh water rinse

optimum rinsing of cleaning chemicals

Save up to 60 % of water: The fresh water rinse is used to rinse off the cleaning chemicals. Distribution of the water is the crucial factor with regard to the required volume of water.

The patented fresh water rinse is equipped with special precision nozzles. These disperse the rinse water into a fine curtain of water and thus form a water film on the wash ware. As a result of the ideal water distribution, this micro-thin film is sufficient to rinse off the wash water. In addition to the conventional rinsing, the fresh water rinse sprays the wash ware also with lateral spray arms.


  • Fresh water reduction by up to 60 %.
  • Distinct reduction of rinse aid and energy demand.
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TOP-TEMP energy management

prevents energy losses before they arise

Reduce the energy loss of your dishwashing system by up to 30 % with the patented and standard energy management.

In this system, the hot machine zones are enclosed by the cooler zones such as pre-wash and drying. The resulting temperature curtain ensures that air exchange can only take place within the machine. The PREMAX is characterised by a special temperature profile and exploits this principle in an optimum manner.

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CLIMATE energy saving system

for an efficient use of energy

Reducing costs – increasing economy – protecting the environment: The CLIMATE energy saving system not only helps you to prevent energy losses, but also to lower your machine's operating costs. 

HOW THAT WORKS? The energy of the hot exhaust air is continuously returned to the machine by means of a heat recovery system. Savings up to 10 kWh are possible in this manner.


  • Your machine's operating costs are significantly reduced.
  • The energy provided is used in an efficient manner.
  • Losses through the exhaust air are reduced to a minimum.
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CLIMATE-PRO energy saving system

Innovation meets economy and energy efficiency

You can save up to 22 kWh with the novel energy system CLIMATE-PRO.

OUR CLEVER SOLUTION FOR YOU: The thermal energy contained in the exhaust air is 100% regenerated by means of state-of-the-art technology and returned to the rinse process. This not only helps you to reduce the energy consumption of your machine but also to save on the related operating costs.

BY THE WAY: As a result of constantly low exhaust air temperatures, the room climate is improved at the same time.

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LOW-CHEM detergent saving system

Reduce your detergent consumption and go easy on your purse!

The total fresh water amount is divided and the LOW-CHEM detergent saving system of the PREMAX line directs only 75 l, that of the PROFI line 105 l of fresh water into the wash tank for regeneration of the wash water. Only this amount is directed into the main wash and mixed with detergent. Detergent dosing depends on the fresh water volume, which means you save on a corresponding amount of chemicals. The remaining water is directly pumped into the pre-wash tank via a bypass line.

YOUR RESULT: Compared to conventional systems, the PREMAX line reduces your detergent consumption by up to 80 % and the PROFI line by up to 70 %.

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sensor system -

Increase the efficiency in your kitchen!

One-man operation made easy: Operating a warewashing system with one person only used to take plenty of time. In the case of a short unloading table, the operator has to walk from the intake to the   end of the machine to unload the clean wash ware every few racks. This means constant moving between entry and exit of the machine and necessary hand washing due to hygiene safty rooms.

AND WHY IS THAT SO? With conventional washing processes, the foremost rack actuates the mechanical limit switch at the end of the unloading table after a short time, which interrupts the washing process until the rack has been emptied. The other racks remain in the dishwasher and are washed only once the rack is empty.


The RACK-FLOW sensor system (patent pending) helps you to get the most out of your dishwasher. Intelligent control technology allows for loading the machine over its entire length and using it without long interruptions. Thus, you can wash double the number of racks than before.

HOW DOES THAT WORK? Our intelligent RACK-FLOW sensor system prevents the first rack from moving all the way to the limit switch but stops it instead at the end of drying. During this time, the operator can continue loading racks into the dishwasher, thus using the entire machine length.

FOR YOU, THIS MEANS: With the RACK-FLOW sensor system, you save valuable time, optimise the processes in the scullery, and improve your efficiency.

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