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Efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand

The HOBART flight-type dishwasher in the Freiburg Loretto hospital is working fast and reliably.

The PROFI flight-type dishwasher by HOBART at the Loretto hospital in Freiburg is literally churning out clean dishes. Several times a day - 365 days a year. The washing volume is huge: the clinic in Baden has 210 beds available to accommodate patients. Depending on what is on the menu on a certain day, one single person uses up to 14 items of dishes and cutlery for lunch alone. On top of that, there are the staff and visitor dishes. Thus, up to 3500 items need to be cleaned around lunchtime. A lot of energy is thus required, turning efficiency and sustainability into important quality features of the flight-type dishwasher.

Among other things, Thomas Aigner is responsible for organisation, planning and implementation in the „Food and Beverage“ department at the Loretto hospital. For many years, the F&B manager has been relying on HOBART dishwashing solutions. "Our flight-type dishwasher washes the lunchtime dishes in just one hour. But apart from the speed, the correct washing result is also very important. And with HOBART, the result is impeccable", says Aigner and goes on to illustrate the significance of cleanliness and hygiene at the hospital: "In the kitchen, we bear a large responsibility and clean dishes are immensely important."

Read more in the special issue about our PROFI flight-type dishwasher in the Loretto hospital.

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