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SHG hospital Völklingen

In the SHG hospital in Völklingen in the German Saarland, warewashing is done differently than originally planned: two processes were turned into one.

In the central kitchen of the SHG hospital in Völklingen, plates and cups are placed on the conveyor by hand; the cutlery, pulled by magnetic force, drops onto its own warewashing track before the tray automatically moves into the dishwasher. In this way, 15 trays per minute loaded with nine crockery items each – such as serving domes, plates and cutlery – are conveyed via the belt to be ready for the next use. Since April 2015, all the wash ware is cleaned simultaneously in one machine – the HOBART autoLINE. “Originally, we planned to work with one dishwasher and one warewasher for trays and cutlery,” explains Jürgen Neumann, who works at HOBART’s in Project Planning and was involved in the on-site designing of the warewashing system. “But right at that time, the autoLINE was launched, and that’s what SHG finally opted for.” This means that the scullery houses one machine only which cleans all items and takes up less space. The decisive factor for SHG was the economic efficiency calculation.

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