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For decades now, our dishwashers have been standing out for their high level of quality, efficiency and reliability. Characteristics that are firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy and also appreciated from the public. Our company has often been awarded prizes by end users, associations, ministries and trade magazines for its inventiveness and innovations. These awards demonstrate the fact that our products are a real source of added value and considerably facilitate daily cleaning. We will continue to capitalise on these successes and to design ever more innovative, economic, and ecological dishwashers.

HOBART is proud recipient of two BEST OF certificates
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HOBART received STAR AWARD 2018
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HOBART receives "BEST of Market" award once more
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Smart Label Award 2017 for HOBART
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German cooks association awards gold medal to HOBART for warewash systems
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HOBART was awarded the Kompetenzpreis Baden-Württemberg
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HOBART confers the "New Restaurant of the year" award to "Salted and Hung"
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The best among the best: FCSI awards HOBART "Manufacturer of the Year"
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HOBART receives the STAR AWARD 2017 for its new efficiency concept
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