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The TWO-LEVEL-WASHER in full operation

As the owner of the Grill-On-Fire Academy in Müllheim (Germany), Stefano Esposito knows that every second counts in gastronomy: with HOBART's TWO-LEVEL-WASHER, he can make them count twice.
What began merely as a grill school is now a true institution for lovers of meat – and hot metal: the Grill-On-Fire Academy in Müllheim, Germany. Stefano Esposito has been running a grill school and catering company there since 2014. He and his team organize about 250 catering events a year, where up to 1,500 guests can be served. In order to clean the huge amount of crockery and cooking utensils as quickly as possible, this year in April they gained a very special kitchen aid to help them: the TWO-LEVELWASHER from HOBART. And it not only does a great job, but also double the work. As the name suggests, it contains two different wash chambers. The initial conclusion from Esposito? "The TWO-LEVEL-WASHER is sometimes almost too fast for my employees," says the trained chef with a laugh.

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